Make Money

With one of our KVM VPS + 5 IPs + Windows 2012 DC, we’ve got report that you can run 5 individual vps inside the main VPS. So below are step by step to make money with hitleap:

1. Signup for a free account at hitleap. We recommend you signup for their Premium at $8/mo
2. Signup for a free account at Adfoc
3. For extra money, signup for a free account at 4ptp
4. Login to your 4ptp account, click “PTP & CPM tags” menu on left, then click “Ptp link”. Under “Your referral link”, copy the link
5. Login to your Adfoc, and paste the link from above, then click Shrink
6. Copy the shrink Adfoc URL. Example:
7. Login to your hitleap account, upgrade to Premium, if not already, click My Websites, then Add New Website and paste the Adfoc shrink URL from above
8. In your hitleap, click Traffic Exchange and download/install Hitleap viewer on your VPS, leave the viewer running
9. Watch your counter and money growing at Adfoc and 4ptp

Other ways you can earn money is via + bluestacks (to run android app on your windows pc)

NOTE: It’d also help to set reverse dns for your IP to something like where xx-xx-xx-xx is your static IPv4 (xx.xx.xx.xx), replace “dot” with “minus”. You can set rDNS via our client area -> Manage rDNS. Then create ticket to support to setup the to resolve to your IPv4.

Please post comments below to tell us what you think. Or if you know of a better payout.