Reseller Programs

To replace our Affiliate programs (ending by June 1, 2017), we’re doing a new Reseller Program where you put money to your account as credits then you can use it to pay for any orders you placed.

There is No Fees to join. Money you pay will be put as credits on your account. (NOTE: If you use coupons to pay less on the Reseller Program, then the money you paid will be added as credits, not the normal Reseller Program price.)

Get discounts/cheaper price by getting our Reseller Programs

Special: Limited Time Offer – Free 500GB extra BW per month for all our Reseller OpenVZ/LX plans in WA.

Below is the recurring discounts you can expect, depending on which Active Reseller Program you have, when placing your order:

PaymentReseller Program Basic
Reseller Program Standard
Reseller Program VIP
Monthly5% Off10% Off15% Off
Yearly5-25% Off10-35% Off15-50% Off

You can upgrade anytime from Basic to Standard or from Standard to VIP, via our client area.


To get the lower price, you need to first signup for one of our new Reseller Programs from $25/YR. Once paid and we set it to Active (may take 1-2 business days to setup), you will find the money you paid as credits on your account, which you can then pay for any of our select new plans below. Order Now

Then you can order one of the below plans at the discounted price:

  1. Order VPS
  2. Order Clearance Dedicated
  3. Order Resell OpenVZ

IMPORTANT: To get lower price and before you can click “Add to Cart” on the product you want to order, make sure to logout of our client area first, if you’re still logged in, you may get HTTP ERROR 500. You will see the discounted price after logged in AND if you have an Active Reseller Programs below. Without an Active Reseller Programs, you will see normal price.

If you need more money, you can always go to “Add Funds” section in our client area. You need to keep the program to keep the discounts. If you canceled the reseller program, the discounts will be removed. For as long as you renew the program, the renewal payment made will be added as credits on your account. This program is free of charge.

Below is sample of discounted payment you get with our Reseller Programs:

PlansRegular PriceReseller Price VIP
Reseller Price Standard
Reseller Price Basic
New OpenVZ/LXC SATA$2.49/YR or $5.99/3YR
$2.99/YR or $6.99/3YR
$2.11/YR or $5.09/3YR
$2.54/YR or $5.94/3YR
$2.24/YR or $5.39/3YR
$2.69/YR or $6.29/3YR
$2.37/YR or $5.69/3YR
$2.84/YR or $6.64/3YR
New OpenVZ SSD$5.49/YR$3.99/YR$4.43/YR$4.73/YR
New KVM SSD-Cached$50/YR
New KVM SSD$24.99/YR
New KVM SATA$39.99/YR
New Resell 250$590/YR$501.5/YR$531/YR$560.5/YR